Benefits Of Golden Visa Law For Non-Eu Nationals

BENEFITS OF GOLDEN VISA LAW FOR NON-EU NATIONALS Get qualified long-term residency in Spain in return for investing in real estate. Golden Visa means a full residence permit for your family including working permit! All the members of the family: spouse, children under 18 years old and any older disabled children may be included in the permit. Benefits of having golden residence: · Possibility to spend two years in Spain · Ability to travel freely in the Schengen zone for 90 out of every 180 days · No limit to the number of times this two-year residency can be renewed According to the law 14/2013 Spanish Golden Visa (from 27 September 2013), if one invest in real estate more then 500.000 euro will appertain residency in Spain. The investment can be shared over several properties, which could be properties for a living, pice of land, business properties like touristic, industrial, commercial or buildings under construction. Your investment can also be sold after 5 years when you would get your permanent residency in Spain. To have permanent residency in Spain you have to live in the country for 5 years and to apply for Spanish citizenship- ten years. One of the most important things to add; you don’t have to live in Spain permanently during the first 2 years after your first Golden Visa application. After buying a property which matches the investment criteria, you can apply for your one-year Spanish golden visa which can be used for multiple entries into Spain. To be able to obtain Spanish citizenship after an additional five years of permanent residency, the applicant family need to prove that they travelled to Spain at least once in the first two years, and once more in the three subsequent years. After that point (2x5 years) of having Spanish Golden Visa, the family can live, work or study anywhere in Europe within the EU. According to the «Andalusian Lawyers» there are other investment options that qualify for a Golden Visa in Spain: • Investing two million euros in Spanish treasury bonds. • Investing one million euros in shares of Spanish companies or bank deposits in Spanish banks. • Developing a business project in Spain that accomplishes one or more of the following: ◦ Meaningful job creation. ◦ Socioeconomic impact. ◦ Relevant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation.

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