2018 Positive Year for Spanish Property Market

Spanish property prices and sales have been forecast to go up in 2018. Evolution of the prices has been increased by 6.9% by the end of 2017. Looking forward to 2018, prices are further set to rise by slightly less at 6.1%. The good progress of the Spanish real estate sector has been demonstrated clear growth. The statistics released in 2017 have remained faithful to positive percentages that are increasingly encouraging. Everything seems to indicate that prices, purchases, mortgages and new construction buildings having a stable dynamic to grow in years to come. There is also can be a risk on Spanish Property Market. The political situation in Catalonia region and Baleares Islands is reflecting on all situation with sells and also tourist Market. Difficulties becoming with new renting apartments low which would influence the economic Market position in Catalonia in 2018. These are some of the milestones that the real estate portal www.pisos.com has valued after taking stock of the year: Resales and new building prices are expected to carry on going up. Completion of new builds is expected to total 63,400 in 2018, compared to 62,900 in 2017. With new law property construction licence and according to the Ministry of Development, from January to August 2017 the number of licences for residential property reached 53,977, a rise of 26% compared to the same period of the last year. In the end, one can say the forecast is positive and certainly optimistic, and show that the Spanish property market continues on its road to recovery.

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